Business for the manufacture of seals

The business of producing seals is veryA profitable business that does not require large investments for its organization. The whole enterprise will pay off after two months of successful work. For the production of one printing, you only need to spend ten rubles, and it is sold for a sum of 10-60 times more. After they canceled the need to have a license to open such activities, it became much easier to create such a business. Now you just need to register yourself as a private entrepreneur, rent a small room, buy a computer with a laser printer, other necessary equipment, distribute advertising and business in a hat.
Today, the service for the production of sealsis in demand in every region and the demand for it does not disappear. Especially popular are stamps and stamps with various snap-ins. Of course, here, as in any other business, there is competition. The truth is, it is not everywhere. In larger cities it is larger, in small cities it is smaller.
The process of creating a print consists of the followingstages: first, you need to find a customer. Secondly, you need to place an order from the client. It should include an image on the seal (types of samples are approved by the registration authorities), documents on the registration of the enterprise and a ready sketch. If the latter is missing, then it should be drawn - this service costs from three to ten dollars. The third thing you need to do to get a ready seal is to print out the sketch for a positive or negative film on a laser printer. Next, you should materialize the cliche and mount it in a snap. To do this, you will need either adhesive tape or glue. Tooling is the part into which the finished cliche is inserted. Fixtures can be both domestic and imported. They are made of wood, plastic or metal - hand tools.
The retail value of the entire print needs to beInclude a price and cliches and snap. In addition to manual equipment, there are also automatic ones - they already have a stamp pad in them. If you produce ink-filled prints, they will require special equipment. It is made by flash technology, since the seal itself is impregnated with ink.
Modern production of seals uses four types of stamping technologies: flash technology, photopolymer method, laser engraving method and vulcanization method of raw rubber.
The most popular and cheap is the photopolymer method. It is with him that you need to start a business for the production of seals.
Flash technology is considered the easiest to produce.
The method of laser engraving is by far the most expensive way of making seals.
The process of creating seals by the vulcanization of raw rubber is quite laborious, but of high quality.

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