Vibratory plate electric - the necessary equipment for good roads

Vibratory plate - one of the necessary for carrying outconstruction work type of equipment. It is designed to seal various surfaces - sand, a mixture of gravel and crushed stone when laying roads, loose soil. Plate compactors are divided into gasoline - devices that operate on the basis of the internal combustion engine, as well as electrical, which operate by charging from an alternating current source.

electric vibratory plate

The device of an electric plate compactor

The electric plate compactor has several basic parts:

1. Working part - directly the plate, tamping the surfaces.

2. Electromechanical vibrator with circular oscillations. This part is installed in the central part of the plate and is an asynchronous three-phase electric motor. The ends of the shaft of its short-circuited rotor are imbalances. It is they, rotating just like the rotor, create a directional force.

3. Control handle. This element is mounted on the frame using special vibration isolators, and the frame is fixed to the plate.

Sealing of the surface occurs due todirected vertically the forcing force generated in the vibrator. Progressive motion of the plate compactor produces by virtue of a horizontally acting force.

electric plate compactor

To change the force of the plate as requiredon the machined surface, you need to change the angle between the two parts of the unbalance at each end of the shaft. The imbalances consist of two equivalent parts - movable and immovable. Depending on the distance between them, the strength of the plate changes.

Vibroplates are divided into forward and plate compactors, reversible - depending on the principle of operation.

Progressive plate compactors

Electric vibratory platestill called single-track. She only moves forward. Such devices are used to work on small objects, where there is enough room for maneuvers, that is, the room should be of the correct form, without protrusions and many turns.

Reversible plate compactors

Vibratory plate electric reversible has a high resistance to the action of abrasive materials.

electric plate compactor

With the help of double adjustment work onThe compaction can be carried out both in forward and backward motion, as well as in one place. Such a plate compactor perfectly copes on soils of various degrees of cohesion. The machine has excellent maneuverability, it is suitable for work in cramped conditions. Another of its advantages is low noise level.

Purchase of plate compactors

Vibroplate electric, the price of which depends onprinciple of work, can both be bought and leased. The purchase of a slab is advisable for large volumes of construction work, where compaction is mandatory. This, for example, is the work of road services. At the enterprises having other profile of activity, first of all absolutely other equipment is used, and additional is the electric plate compactor. Renting from specialized organizations of this equipment in this case will be the best option.

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