How to increase the sale of flowers: 6 tips for a flower shop

If you own a flower business, one of the main concerns is to increase sales growth and search for potential customers. To make a profit, you need to understand what motivates customers to buy.

People buy flowers on various occasions: someone buys flowers only on holidays. There are those for whom a gift in the form of flowers is a common thing, as an expression of gratitude or a compliment to the addressee. There are customers who buy decorated compositions, beautiful baskets or potted flowers both as a gift and for their own pleasure. You must consider and satisfy all the tastes of customers coming to your store.

Secrets of "word of mouth"

How to increase the sale of flowers? The best advertising is positive feedback from customers. Plus it is also in the fact that you do not have to pay for it. Work with zeal. Make sure that the quality of the flowers is always at a high level. Then the customers will reach out to you.

Do not sit still. Offer your services to companies and businesses (here birthdays, anniversaries and corporate meetings are always celebrated), wedding agencies of the city.

Even if the latter have their own suppliers of colors, let them have you in mind. Situations are different. Maybe you can offer them more favorable terms of cooperation.

Do not forget about the nearest restaurants or cafes - state yourselves, offer special conditions, leave business cards with information about your salon.

The flower arrangement should look expensive

Do not forget that many customers come toflower salon hoping to spend less, but get a chic bouquet. Offer different options. Buyers will appreciate the volume of inexpensive bouquets. Offer variants of such combinations and incarnations, which will consist of a small number of colors, but visually they will look very volume and expensive.

how to increase the sale of flowers

Bonuses and discounts

Special offers and discounts for individualtypes of flowers will attract new customers and accelerate the sale of the name, the sale of which you are profitable at this particular moment. Think about the reasons (opening your salon, the birthday of the store, discounts on wedding bouquets, special bouquets for the Day of Kisses, etc.) and always mark the date when your bonus ends. This will help speed up the decision-making process for potential buyers.

Ideal client - regular customer

The ideal option is to make a buyer your ownregular customer. Here, too, have their little tricks. Of course, the main thing is the attitude. Any buyer will appreciate the courteous and sensitive to his needs staff. Do not forget about simple understanding and human attitude. More smiles, talk about anything.

how to increase the sale of flowers

Ask for an excuse, give your recommendation, arrange for a man. And the likelihood that the next time he will turn to you, will increase many times.

Another important tool in theto increase the sale of flowers, - a card of the constant buyer. Pass out leaflets to passersby - and people will find out about your flower salon. But if you want to get a real effect and increase sales, give those who have already made a purchase, a card of a regular customer with a discount for the next bouquet. He will keep it and remember your flower shop, and next time it is more likely to come for flowers right here.

And do not forget: a satisfied customer will not only become your regular customer, but will also recommend it to your friends.

Remember about ready bouquets

A person came to you for flowers, but does not know what exactly he wants? Always need to have in the cabin several ready-made bouquets of different price category.

bouquet of flowers

The finished floristic composition, composed with taste, should attract attention and allow the client to decide. He will buy a bouquet of flowers from you, and not go to a nearby store.

High quality is the key to success!

It is necessary to remember that buyers do not evaluateonly quality of service. It is important for them to buy an unusual, beautiful bouquet, which will not wither in 2-3 days. Unfortunately, flowers are a special, fragile goods. Therefore it is important to have reliable suppliers that will not let you down and offer the best quality for the best price. Do not contact the tenth company in a chain of resellers. Look for the largest company that has been operating in the market for many years and is engaged in the supply of flowers to Russia from direct producers.

To date, there are only a few in Russia. But the most authoritative, perhaps, is "7 colors" (site Practice shows that it is better to work directly than through a network of small wholesalers.

Logistic network, prices and quality of goodsthe source will always be higher. In addition, the range here is much richer. There are even such flowers that most buyers have never heard of. Offering exclusive colors to your customers, you will attract extra attention to your salon.

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