"Lenpechat": development and production of seals quickly and efficiently

The company "Lenpechat" is the leader indevelopment and manufacture of seals and stamps to order in the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg. Every self-respecting business owner orders the manufacture of stamps in St. Petersburg only in reliable companies that do not fail with quality and timelines. If you are looking for a solid partner for mutually beneficial cooperation - you are lucky!

Methods of production

  1. Laser engraving. The print pattern is engraved on the stamp rubber. This method involves stamping increased level of complexity. Even the smallest details will be transmitted in exact accordance. Printing done by this method will be ready for the next day, while its cost will not be prohibitive.
  2. Flash technology. These seals are distinguished by the absence of a stamp pad. Often in this case, prints of different colors are used in quantities of up to 6 pieces, and the corresponding colors are already located inside the print. If necessary, you can order the production of seals for this technology in an accelerated manner.
  3. Photopolymer technology. This type of printing can be recommended for use only for a short time. The fact is that the imprint of such seals can not be called clear, and therefore the level of protection against forgery is minimal. The advantage of it is the production time. On average, printing on photopolymer technology can be done in 20 minutes.


How to protect yourself from fakes

Forgery of seals is not so rare. Scammers in this case create a seal, which is produced on the impression of real printing from paper. In the case of an examination, such actions will be disclosed. It is much worse when a fake seal is a duplicate of a company's seal. This is possible only if the duplicate is made from the main layout. Even the most qualitative examination in this case will not notice the difference between the two impressions.

Protect yourself from forgery easily - you need to order prints only in large, trusted companies that have long been working in this market. To the services of "Lenpechat" on vvv.lenpechat.ru very large and reputable organizations are resorting,so customers are sure that such problems will never touch them. The company-manufacturer, in turn, tries to produce high-quality seals, with the maximum level of protection. As protection, various options are offered here, from a small microtext, which is part of the GOST requirements, to proprietary protection, including the "Moirait" method.

Reliable cooperation

Employees of the company "Lenpechat" carefullylisten to the customer and execute the order exactly according to the customer's wish. Together with experienced designers, first-class seals are created, which are then used in large and small enterprises in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. The manufacture of seals is immediately possible without personal visits to offices. Applications are accepted remotely. Including by phone or through a special form on the site.

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