Analysis of financial and economic activities - the theoretical basis

Economic and financial activities area subject of close attention of several scientific disciplines: economic theory, macroeconomics, management, statistics, accounting, economic analysis and others. The prerogative of the economy is the study of the impact of specific, general and private economic factors on the development of an enterprise in a specific industry.

Analysis of financial and economic activities

Statistics focuses onthe quantitative side of various economic phenomena of a mass character. Priority of accounting is the study of circulation of cash flows and capital of enterprises in the process of production and financial activity. Its task is the documentary reflection of all economic operations and the associated flow of financial flows.

Analysis of financial and economic activitiesabsorbed the features of all these scientific disciplines. He explores both the financial and economic side of the activities of enterprises, and various industrial and economic aspects and phenomena. A distinctive feature is that the analysis of financial and economic activities does not consider production activity as a technological process, but explores and analyzes the results of management and economic processes peculiar to one or another enterprise. And on the basis of the results obtained, the efficiency of the enterprise's activity is assessed.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the enterprise

Important functions of the AFCS are analysisproduction activities of the enterprise and justification of current plans and development prospects. Analysis of financial and economic activities is designed to conduct a deep economic study of the results of managing the enterprise for the past period (5 to 10 years) and to make a scientifically based forecast for the future. Without a detailed and thorough analysis of all components and economic aspects of economic activity, without identifying errors and shortcomings, it is impossible to develop clear plans for economic development and choose the optimal options for management decisions.

Analysis of the production activity of the enterprise

This is the main role of AFPD instructure of economic sciences. Analysis of financial and economic activities studies compliance with declared development plans, implementation of management decisions and rational use of resources and production capacities of this business entity. AFHD not only ascertains the facts and assesses the results achieved. One of the purposes of this discipline is to identify mistakes, shortcomings and shortcomings with a view to operatively influencing economic and production processes.

One of the central functions of the AFCS performed by himwhen studying all aspects of activities, is to find resources and reserves that can improve the productivity and efficiency of the enterprise, as well as the quality of its products based on the advanced achievements of science.

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