How to make a commercial proposal for cooperation

The activity of doing business today is largelydetermines the success of a company. And literacy in the organization of all this work, in turn, largely affects not only the actual economic indicators, but also determines the face of the company, the image on the market. One of the most common methods of modern management to promote their products and services is the initiative to attract partners for the implementation of certain commercial projects. In such a situation it is necessary to apply such a method as a commercial proposal for cooperation.

Such a proposal is usually made in the oralor in writing, but when it is not just a statement of intent but a concrete and very real project, such a proposal is made in writing. In these two ways there are advantages and disadvantages. Of course, with oral communication with the prospective partner, you can state more confidential information, be more open, specify some informal aspects of the proposed cooperation or a specific project. But with such communication, some information is not objectively perceived, forgotten, simply not captured because of the characteristics of verbal communication as such. In addition, this information can not be restored, comprehend, if something remains unclear.

But the commercial proposal for cooperation,made in writing, gives such an opportunity, because the potential partner has the opportunity to contact him repeatedly to understand all the details of your proposal. However, it should be remembered that the written version is already a document, even if there are no binding provisions in it, but it can greatly affect the image of your company or firm. Therefore, depending on how competently and professionally issued this document depends not only the fate of cooperation in this particular case, but also the image of the company as a participant in commercial activities.

When drafting an offer, remember that every word in it makes sense and carries not only information that is relevant now, but also a share of responsibility that will manifest later.

There are some rules for compilingsuch documents that can be presented in the form of step-by-step instructions. It is important to understand that everything that is now being offered to you is not a template or a pattern that you must follow. This is just some experience, which had a positive result and some comments on this experience.

So, here are some considerations on this issue.

When proceeding with the document, refer toit is just like a document. Printed your commercial proposal for cooperation should be on a letterhead containing all the details of the company, logo and contact information. Pay attention to the quality of the paper, the partners can already make appropriate conclusions on this basis. If you send a proposal in the form of a booklet, then decorate the logos on each of its pages, too, can be done when sending the proposal by e-mail or fax.

Be sure to specify correctly and completelythe position of the person to whom you address your proposal, if you do not know the exact name - specify. In this case, no abbreviations (like "deputy, manager, acting, etc.) should not be. I do not emphasize here the importance of correctly indicating the name and initials of the official, it is self-evident. The appeal should be expressed correctly, but not familiarly (do not write "our dear director general" - this is not the option).

At the very beginning of your treatment, specify the subjectyour interest, that is, the goal you are addressing. If there was an oral agreement earlier - remind about it, it will help a potential partner to more closely study your document.

The most difficult part of the proposal is the commercial part, in which you have to be brief, and at the same time, in a capacious and lucid manner, the essence of your idea or project. Here it is necessary to consider the following:

- if your interest lies in the field of technological cooperation, you should formalize a technical and commercial proposal, in which the main emphasis is on making technological interests;

- if you and your prospective partner, you willwork in the sphere of rendering services, then it is necessary to prepare the commercial offer of the service. This is particularly emphasized in connection with what was said at the very beginning of the article - do not consider these recommendations as a template!

The proposal itself should not take more than twopages. If you can not accommodate all the necessary information, it will be appropriate to formalize the relevant applications with which other specialists of your partner can also be acquainted.

Your business offer for cooperationmust necessarily contain investment information, at least at the level of the calculated data, this will help the partner to quickly navigate and make a decision on your proposal. Here it will be appropriate to specify the time parameters of the project, and also at the level of estimated accuracy.

If you are first applying to a commercial offer to this firm, be sure to include information about your own, and about the experience in the implementation of similar projects.

Well, in conclusion, we can recall the technicalthe culture of the proposal and the way it is delivered to your potential partner. Here, not the case, to trifle and try to save, in the end such savings can lead to the loss of beneficial cooperation.

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