Nissan Almera Classic - reviews and features

Overview of Nissan Almera Classic we will begin, perhaps, withbasic dynamic qualities of the car. Under the hood is a 1.6 liter engine, with 107 horsepower, which allows you to develop torque to 150 Nm. The dynamics of the car is worthy of all praise.

nissan almera classic reviews
All 107 "horses" pull pretty fast,giving the driver a lot of fun, despite the fact that this is not the most expensive, a variant of the Nissan brand. Therefore, it is necessary to pay tribute to the engineers who worked on the Nissan Almera Classic. The reviews to date reflect the full picture of him. So those who want to buy this car will have at their disposal enough information. The acceleration time is 9 seconds. The figure, let's say directly, is not impressive, but despite this, the speed switching is short and clear.

It's nice to sit at the wheel of Nissan Almera. The suspension characteristics ensure a smooth ride. It "swallows" almost all road irregularities, providing comfort to both the driver and passengers. In addition to this, there is a button on the central panel that operates a system that can reduce wheel slip in the snow.

Standard systems work very stably. This applies to the anti-lock braking system, the electronic brake force distribution system and the driver assistance system for emergency braking. Their joint work provides on the road the necessary safety and comfort - for which the manufacturers of Nissan Almera Classic are fighting. The responses of drivers confirm this fact.

The feeling of comfort in the car does not leavenot for a second. It's all about its ergonomics and convenience. Everything is made for the taste of the average person who is not accustomed to special luxury, but also does not like that something was unpleasant. Interior trim quality, colors are not intricate, the functionality is good - all this can be said about the Nissan Almera Classic.

nissan almer classic reviews
Reviews often emphasize how goodthe person can feel himself, being at the wheel of a car or on a passenger seat. It is felt that the car is well adapted for long trips. There are special coasters and an ashtray with lights, which is also important. At the same time, the seats in the cabin are full, and the seating is convenient. The volume of the trunk is not impressive, but it is convenient to arrange long loads. It's nice to be a Nissan Almera Classic owner. The owners' testimonies testify to this eloquently.

The exterior of the car is unpretentious. Of course, everyone has his own taste, but here all the features are obvious. The picture is improved by optics and a radiator grille, which complete the smooth lines of the body. We can say that this is a classic sedan, which has a few notes of dynamics and swiftness. This is the whole Nissan Almera Classic, whose reviews are so popular with the Russian public.

Nissan Almera Specifications
According to most drivers, ifthe manufacturer will continue to import this sedan into the country, it will continue to be sold very quickly. It is in this segment that consumers in our country need, and Nissan has sufficient potential to fill a fairly large part of the market with the model Nissan Almera Classic.

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