Pencil to remove scratches from the car - characteristics and description

Even if you did not get into traffic accidents, take a closer look at the body of your iron friend, and you will immediately find there a lot of different scratches and small cracks.

pencil to remove scratches from the car
And the reasons for their appearance are more than enough. It could be a small pebble that flew out from under the wheels in front of the car. And maybe poor-quality paint and varnish or simple road dust, which at a speed "flies" on the body, leaving there obvious traces in the form of cracks. Of course, very few people want to ride on such a scratched car, and on the other hand, the painting of the body on SRT may not be affordable for the driver. Luckily motorists, there was an excellent alternative to the complete painting of the car - a pencil to remove scratches from the car. Reviews about this innovation assure that this is an excellent tool that does not resort to SRT services, especially if only a small part of the iron horse is damaged. So, let's consider what is a pencil to remove scratches from the car, and what are its advantages.


The main feature of this device is that after its purchase you do not need to contact service centers, spending on their services more than one hundred rubles.

pencil to remove scratches from the car reviews
You can make paint work in anytime and in any place, while saving your money. Initially, a pencil to remove scratches from the car was developed for foreign cars, so the owners of foreign cars with the choice of the right pencil problems will not arise. The most difficult is the owners of domestic transport. Today such a device is a deficit, and it will be easier to do service repairs, rather than find the right shade of a pencil. By the way, this novelty copes well even with deep scratches, which arose as a result of a minor accident.


In practice, the mentioned innovation severaldiffers from the usual graphite pencil. The only thing that connects them is a common name. Several small containers are used as the basis of the corrective pencil. One of them is filled with the most paint, and the second - with a special varnish. Also there are single-component variants in which the varnishing material is not used.

pencil to remove scratches from the car fix it pro

Pencil to remove scratches from the car Fix It Pro: user manual

All existing products to datementioned brands have the same structure, and accordingly, and the method of application. In order for the driver to correctly apply a coat of paint on the damaged surface, the manufacturers have created a special instruction that includes several stages of painting. First you need to clean the surface of dirt and grease (that is, prepare it for repair). Then, with the help of the pencil itself, you must apply a thin layer of paint to the surface of the body, using a special brush that comes with the device. After the first layer has dried, the manufacturers recommend another one, after which the paintwork will be repaired.

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