Types of glasses and their features

Automotive glass is not only beautifulelement of design, but also an effective defender, ensuring the safety of the trip. This device protects us from wind, rain and other adverse effects of nature. Today we will talk about what kinds of windscreens happen, we will understand their advantages and disadvantages.

types of glass

Requirements for modern glass

In addition to its direct function of protecting the driver fromwind and rain - all modern types of glass provide a good view of the road, not only during the day, but also at night. In addition, this element of the car must be resistant to mechanical damage, namely: to be stiff and durable. But, unfortunately, not all automakers adhere to these strict criteria.

Types of glass. Classification

To date, there are severalvarieties of glass. They can be divided according to the place of application: windshield, rear view, side windows. In addition, they are distinguished by manufacturing methods, of which we will talk later.


This glass is single-layer. After the Stalinite has a definite shape, it is subjected to special hardening at the factory, which gives the product a high level of strength (but not as high as that of the triplex, which will be discussed below). This type of glass has been manufactured for several decades, but recently no modern car has been equipped with stalinite. The main disadvantage of this type of glass is that when the slightest stone hits the surface of the glass begins to crack, and in a matter of seconds all the fragments enter the interior and, of course, the driver.

types of windshields


This glass is multi-layered. The main feature of the triplex is that it consists of two layers, between which is a special thin film. It should be noted immediately that the film does not deteriorate visibility - it is not even visible to the human eye. Thanks to a special design, these types of glasses provide an increased level of safety for those who are inside the vehicle. A thin film prevents the deformation of the glass, and all small fragments do not crumble into the cabin during impact, but stay inside the glass. First triplex began to be used by foreign automakers, but soon the "fashion" was picked up by the domestic Volzhsky Automobile Plant.

Types of glass tinting

Glasses are also different in color: they are both colorless and tinted. Toning is more an element of tuning, rather than a vital necessity, therefore it is not produced by all motorists.

types of glass tinting

Which kind is better?

At the moment, all modern cars, inincluding domestic ones, are completed with the most reliable and safe glass - triplex. This trend has been observed for the past twenty years. By results of researches this kind of products surpasses stalinite on all indicators of quality and safety. Therefore, these types of glass are used not only in cars, but also in special equipment.

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