What is a "trade-in"? Advantages and national peculiarities

Virtually every car owner has come acrossthe problem of selling an old car and buying a new one. The first stage of this process is fraught with difficulties: the secondary market is oversaturated, and it is extremely difficult to realize an auto. The solution of the problem is the name of the trade-in: the scheme of sales of new and used cars with offset of a part of the cost. So what is a "trade-in" and what is the exchange procedure?

what is trade-in

This scheme arose at the dawn of motorization inThe United States of America, it was then that the manufacturing companies began to accept the old machines as a payment for part of the new cost. Then there were specialized firms - dealers, who were engaged in sales of cars, including the trade-in scheme. In developed countries, this movement became widespread especially after the Second World War.

Trade-in: how does it work?

In order to understand what a "trade-in" is,it is necessary to understand the procedure. So, the car owner decided to replace the old car. On his car, he goes to the car dealership that he likes. Employees take the car, send it to the diagnostics and organize an examination. The purpose of these activities is the evaluation of the vehicle.

auto show trade in

Motor show "Trade-in" assigns its price andcustomer is invited to make a choice of a new car. Of course, its value will be higher than that of the old one, and the buyer will compensate for the difference. On the transaction on such a scheme takes only a few hours, and ideally on the same day the lucky owner of a brand new car goes to his home. So it works in the West.

Advantages of the scoring scheme

The main advantage for the car owner, who decidedto change the machine, consists in convenience and efficiency of the decision of a problem. All efforts to remove from the register, pre-sale preparation are shifted to the company's shoulders. "Trade-in" -salons try to attract customers in every way and organize their work in such a way that visitors do not experience the slightest inconvenience.

If the car owner does not have enough money tosurplus of the difference, then he will certainly be offered a loan from a partner bank. At the same time, a representative of a financial institution, as a rule, is located here. The loan agent will consult and assist in the preparation of the package of documents, as well as processing the application, which will be immediately accepted for consideration. In general, the picture, at first glance, is blessed.

Features of the national trade-in

Having received the answer to one question: what is a "trade-in", you immediately ask another: and what is the catch? The main problem, according to experts, is a rather low estimate of the vehicle. An attempt to contact another company is unlikely to be more successful. Motor shows do not accept cars with problematic documents, who have been in an accident with serious consequences or having a high mileage.

trade in salons

In view of the foregoing,the following conclusion. In our country, many already know what the "trade-in" is, but it's still far from a well-functioning and well-functioning system. It is necessary to overcome still a lot of economic difficulties and inertness of thinking of both stakeholders of this process.

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